Founded in 2001 by Producer Jonathan Weissler, BALAGAN PRODUCTIONS is a leading Production Company based in London committed to bringing compelling stories to audiences around the world.

Balagan has produced 24 feature films and shot in many international locations creating a global and diverse range of successful, profitable movies.

Hit films include The Brasserie (2001) starring Louis Koo and Gigi Leung which grossed $38m in cinemas and was the 5th highest grossing film of that year in Asia.

Recent movies include “Re-Uniting The Rubins" (2010) starring Timothy Spall and Rhona Mitra, “Booked Out” (2011) starring Rollo Weeks and Sylvia Syms, “White Lie,” (2013) a tense thriller starring Paul Bandey and David Birkin . Its most recent film is “Luck” (2014) directed by Bafta winning director Liviu Tipurita and tells the story of the world's luckiest man.

Balagan Productions has cultivated long term creative, financial and distribution partners as it continues to grow with new films and successes.