Movies In Development

16 Hours
War Film

An enemy soldier has 16 hours to cross enemy territory with information that could end the war.

Sci Fi

Deep underground in a nuclear bunker, the heads of the Worlds Governments, Religion and Army preside over the body of an unconscious woman.

She is the last hope mankind has to reign in a Superhero called Atlas and stop him from destroying the world.

Benson Child Clown
War Film/ Drama

Benson, a 10 year old Child Soldier is shot and left for dead in a war. He is rescued by the UN and recovers in a refugee camp. When he recovers he sets off on an odyssey across a war torn country to find his younger brother.

A powerful indictment of war and a journey seen through child eyes this is a powerful story about atrocities happening this very day.

Blue Mesiah

A sociopath meets the Devil in Jerusalem.

Plot being kept under wraps.

Shooting in Israel, Paris & London the film is gearing up for a 2015 shoot.

Cold Sea Rising
Cyberpunk Thriller

A bounty hunter is poisoned and given 3 days to recover a new technology and get the antidote. Out of his depth he is hopelessly outmatched by other Bounty Hunters and the Mission at hand in this London set thriller.

Global Thriller

A thrilling and realistic story of the emergence of a devastating Virus as it takes hold and threatens mankind.

From the first UN teams investigating the Hot Zone through to the virus spreading around the world, to countries quarantining themselves through the martial law that follows a global team of Doctors race against time to find a cure.

Inside Minds
Interrogation Thriller

In a secret prison a battle of wills between a Captive and his Interrogator ensues. The Interrogator wants the cure for a deadly virus decimating the world and the Captive is unsure if the Virus is even real and what he knows could help a rogue nation create the ultimate virus.

This tense thriller has a killer twist and an ending no one will see coming.

Kindom Of Frank
Adventure/ Comedy

Frank, a hapless man living a deadbeat life, responds to a scam email offering money. Much to his surprise it turns out to be true and £12m is deposited into his bank account.

This begins an adventure where Frank travels to Africa, gets caught up in a war and accidentally becomes king of a small African country.

Frank, a man with no ambition and expectations suddenly finds himself in a position to do the very right thing.

Lost To The River

Lost to the River is a scathing drama about the death of the British Aristocracy. Full of Orgies and Heroin, the film shows a lost and decadent generation who are living on legacies they do not deserve and a country who does not want them anymore.

10 hour miniseries

At his inauguration speech a newly elected President pledges to put a man on Mars within a decade.

Mars is an event 10 hour miniseries telling the story of this journey on a massive canvas that captivates the world as mankind finally makes the journey to Mars.

The Boat
Family/ Adventure

Hitler won the war and 2 boys living in Cornwall decide to build a boat to escape to america.

The Devil Mr Brooks
Supernatural Horror

A suburban family is subjected to a terrifying haunting that is centered on their 10 year old son.

A serious, terrifying and intelligent story of how a family react to the most extreme and unexplainable of situations that builds to a stunning and memorable climax.

The Heidlemeyer Contingency
Conspiracy Thriller

A tense global conspiracy thriller set against the backdrop of the United Nations about a clandestine group who control the worlds knowledge of UFO’s.

The Whisperers

A truly Terrifying Horror Film.

Plot under wraps.

S+M Drama

A seemingly exciting first date takes a dramatic turn when the Man ties his date to a radiator in his house. For 3 days and 3 nights the woman is held captive in a challenging and controversial story that will polarise and excite audiences around the world.